Adam Thomas Interviewed for Forward Magazine

The April 2010 edition of Forward Magazine, an informative magazine published by the Spinal Injuries Association, features an interview with our own Adam Thomas. In an edition focussing on Homes and Gardens, Adam talks about some recent advances in accessible kitchen design in an article entitled ‘Accessible Kitchens Come of Age’.

Prompted by the experience of working with the copywriters for the new Design Matters web site, Adam explains that the web people were unable to tell which kitchen images were for the accessible section of the web site and which were pictures of standard kitchens! This exchange made him realise that one of his personal goals had finally been achieved; attractive, accessible kitchens for all without compromise on style and finish.

Apart from some great photos, and useful web links, the article also highlights a few major design successes in the past year, namely a right-angled rise and fall worksurface and a new sink design for clients with electric wheelchairs. As Adam says in the article:
“The next design challenge will come through the door with my next client.” Get your copy of Forward Magazine to read the full article and watch this space for the next instalment in this remarkable journey.