Adam Thomas Speaks at the RSA

Adam Thomas at RSA Design and Rehabilitation WorkshopAdam Thomas was invited to speak at a three day workshop entitled Design & Rehabilitation at the RSA from 2-4 November 2010.

The result of a joint project between the RSA and the Back-Up Trust the workshop aimed to launch a string of initiatives to encourage spinally injured participants to see the design component of the things they use every day.

Working on creative thinking skills, and close observation of everyday objects, participants learnt to analyse and evaluate objects with a view to considering ways in which their own homes or environments might be modified. This process was guided by a panel of experts invited by Emily Campbell, Director of Design at the RSA.

The following video explains the ideas behind the Design and Rehabilitation project:

More details of this ground-breaking initiative can be found by clicking on this link to the RSA Design & Rehabilitation project page. Emily Campbell, Director of Design at the RSA will be promoting this workshop at rehabilitation centres across the UK.

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