Disability News Service Top 100 List

Adam Thomas named in the DNS Top 100 Influential Disabled People List.

The Disability News Service began the process of finding the UK’s most influential disabled people over a year ago. With the aim of ranking disabled people in terms of their current influence, “or comparing the effect they have on society, on how we think and feel, on how we live, and on how we are governed. On the products and services we buy, the films and television programmes we watch, the political parties we vote for, the books we read, the campaigns we support, and the protests we attend.”

The List was first published in 2013 and, after a lot of input and debate, The List appears this year in 10 categories. The organisers cite the difficulty in comparing and ranking people across such a huge variety of spheres of influence, and chose to sort The List into categories as a less divisive way of reflecting the influence of big-hitters in the various sectors.

We are delighted to see both Adam Thomas and his wife Agnes Fletcher listed under the Equality/Consultancy/Access section of The List as recognition of decades of work, from their campaigning days in the early nineties to their respective fields of expertise today. Championing inclusion and equal access for all has not been popular, and there is still a very long way to go. As a team, we are thankful that Adam and Agnes’ contributions have been recognised along with dozens of other leaders in their fields.