The BORA Hob – Welcome to the Future

The BORA combined hob and downdraft extractor – coming soon to Design Matters, High Wycombe


Is it a hob or is it a downdraft extractor? Well, it’s both actually …

The people at BORA have used the principles of fluid mechanics to solve one of the most thorny problems in the kitchen; how to avoid filling your home with cooking odours and infusing surfaces with layer upon layer of water vapour heavy with cooking oil. Your walls, ceiling and even your clothing and hair can pick up the same smells, and no-one likes to walk into a home that smells of stale food.


Good extraction is an important part of quality kitchen design and for a long time design professionals have been specifying large extractor hoods with large motors in order to draw air upwards as quickly as possible. Many of them work well, and quieter models are now available for the popular kitchen/diner arrangement where the extractor has to continue to run while a meal is being eaten nearby. Another recent trend has been to move towards ceiling extractors. These need to be even more powerful and efficient in order to draw steam and smells a greater distance, and contend with cross-draughts caused by doors and windows.

Sometimes the extractor hood forms an important part of the kitchen design, but today’s streamlined open-plan schemes dispense with wall units and remove every visual distraction and this is where the BORA will shine.

The people at BORA have produced a hob with an inbuilt downdraft extractor that pulls steam and odours down and away at four times the rate that they are produced. We have seen one of these amazing devices in use at a trade show, where bacon was being cooked to demonstrate the effectiveness of the device. If the BORA hob can meet the bacon challenge, then it is one of the most important new developments in the kitchen industry since induction hobs were launched! We are so excited about the BORA that we have decided to become BORA stockists and the BORA is available to order from us now, as part of a full kitchen order. In addition, we will be installing a fully functioning demo BORA in our showroom in a few weeks’ time. If you would like to see it in use, just make an appointment to visit and let us talk you through its features:


  • The BORA product means quieter extraction. It has been designed with perfect sound attenuation and the producers claim that it is quieter than the sound of a steak frying. It stands to reason that if the motor is below worktop height, and away from your ears, then the cooking experience will be much quieter.
  • The BORA does not allow steam to rise, so it allows a clear view of the cooking process, and because the entire appliance is mounted at worktop height it will be fully accessible to anyone who sits on a stool or uses a wheelchair to cook, without the need for a remote control.
  • The BORA extracts about half as much air from the room as a conventional extractor hood, so it uses less energy and removes less of your valuable room heat in winter.
  • Rather than hanging a large steel hood over your hob, which will become coated in cooking deposits, the BORA consists mainly of a removable filter, that can simply  be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • The BORA comes in three models: Basic, Classic and Professional and there are a number of hob options including induction, gas and teppan yaki cooking plate

Call us today to make your appointment to view the new BORA in action on: 01628 531584 or send us an email using this link.

Design Matters only supplies appliances as part of a complete kitchen order.