A Stunning Focal Point For Every Kitchen

Keep your kitchen fresh with an extractor by Elica

For decades, extractors have been a solid mass of stainless steel above the hob or range cooker in most kitchen designs, with a glass canopy providing a lighter touch in recent years. The latest innovations have seen hoods become quieter and more efficient, and a wider range of materials are now available to make the extractor more of a designer focal point, that can add real ‘wow factor’. If you are planning a large, open plan kitchen and living space, a beautifully designed extractor hood might be just the touch you need to create something completely different.

Here are a few stand-out designs from our friends at Elica …

The stunning and deceptively simple Elica Leaf  (below) won a ‘Most Wanted’ award in the kitchen industry press for its sleek design in either black or white glass. 80cm wide it is a quieter model, running at around 57 dB(A) in tests, and moving an impressive 800m3h of air.


The Elica Barre shown below is a beautiful contemporary design that comes in either black or white glass options. It is 80cm wide and moves 720m3h of air which makes it a powerful appliance with a very understated look. Perfect for a streamlined modern kitchen, we love the simplicity of the overall design.


The Elica Cloud Nine is a sleek and stylish ceiling mounted extractor, measuring 120 x 65 cm. Ceiling extractors create an open space over the hob, and often allow the motor to be remotely located for even quieter running. The Cloud Nine comes with a remote control for access to all the features of the appliance, and it moves 900m3h of air, which makes it a very high performance model.


The Elica Dolce (or ‘Sweet’ in English) would either complement an ultra-modern kitchen in the white or grey options, or a retro design in one of the colours featured in the image below. A completely new take on the monolithic steel extractor, this model represents real design innovation. The canopy is 86cm wide, and it is a quieter model running at 59dB(A) in tests, and moving 560m3h of air.


The Elica Space comes in black or white tempered glass and produces a very impressive 900m3h of air movement. Measuring 78cm across, the Space has been reduced to a refined and beautiful disc of glass, and it has two very special features. The Elica Deep Silence system means it runs at an exceptionally quiet 50dB(A). It also has an Air Refresher function, that means it runs for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to ensure that stale air does not hang around for long. Its high performance and additional features make this a stand-out model for the discerning buyer.


The Elica Yin has a housing made of Cristalplant, a hyperallergenic non-toxic material that is 100% recyclable, class 1 fire resistant and uv resistant with a stone-like finish. Made from minerals and a polyester bio-resin, it is the first eco-sustainable solid surface product according to its manufacturers. The Yin is ultra-modern in its lines, and measures 66cm at its widest point. It comes with a remote control as standard, and moves 625m3h of air.


At Design Matters we supply appliances only as part of a complete kitchen order. For more information about Elica in the UK, visit their web site.