Air Volume vs Air Speed, The BORA Debate Continues

Is The BORA The Way Forward?

In an interesting piece in KBB Review Magazine, a publication for the kitchen and bathroom industry, Andy Cummings of BORA speaks about the way in which extraction effectiveness is measured and puts across the BORA view:

“For decades, and still today, almost all kitchen ventilation systems work on the volume principle, which is founded on the basis that to vent the room one must exchange the air 10 times an hour. This is why, when assessing different hoods, designers often ask what the cubic capacity is per hour.”

“That volume principle has become irrelevant as kitchens and living spaces are now of a size that requires an unfeasibly large motor. They use too much power, are difficult to position within the room, are often very noisy, and in large spaces, even when the air is changed 10 times an hour, the grease and smells have already contaminated the space by the time that they are extracted. You’d need motors of 2,500 cubic metres per hour, which is just ridiculous.”


With super-rooms the way forward for luxury developments, there is no doubt that really effective extraction is essential to ensure that these large spaces are kept fresh. We have been very impressed by the BORA combined hob and extractor and would like to see it taken up more widely. Apart from its superb performance, think about the clean lines that can be achieved by eliminating wall hung or ceiling extractors altogether. Forget about joist runs and costly dedicated roof vents, and have the BORA extracted out through base units instead. It makes a lot of commercial sense and will be a talking point for your clients.

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