New Built-In Ovens by Miele

Over 100 years of knowhow and a stunning range of ovens

Miele’s tag line is Immer Besser (Forever Better) and our clients have been enjoying the quality and energy efficiency of Miele appliances for many years. Miele is well known for its build quality. It also boasts a superb service organisation and some fantastic, exclusive features, some of which we are going to highlight in this series of articles on their new range of appliances for 2015.

Miele ‘Let’s Do Lunch’Miele_Let's_Do_Lunch_Abingdon

Choosing your ideal appliances can be very time consuming if you are trying to get the whole picture from brochures. So to find out all you need to know in one day you can experience the entire range at Miele’s Abingdon Experience Centre, or the London Gallery where many appliances are ‘live’. The best way to get a feel for cooking with Miele is to book the highly popular ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ day in Abingdon, where you can enjoy cooking a meal in a small group with an experienced Miele demonstrator, who will take you through many of the features of each appliance and allow you to try them out for yourself. These days book up very quickly, so book a few months in advance and if you are very lucky you may be offered an extra ‘perk’ for participating when you come to make your purchase. Follow this link for more information.

Miele Oven Features

When you come to plan your new kitchen, you may think that one oven is very like another, however each manufacturer has its own particular design features, and one thing you may not spot right away is the fact that the cavity of some Miele ovens is taller, which may be a factor for you as you search for the perfect appliance. Some models boast a 76l capacity and five shelf levels, offering real flexibility if you are a keen cook.  In addition to the usual oven settings such as self-clean and various fan and grill modes, some models boast additional ‘Auto’ programmes for up to 100 cooking tasks. This year Miele has launched the ‘Moisture Plus’ option that increases the humidity level inside the oven for moist, succulent roasting and baking. There are also a low temperature settings for joints, a slow setting for drying fruit, and a Sabbath Programme. In addition you can save up to 20 settings that you use regularly as ‘User Programmes’. Needless to say, these programmes are options on various models, and the very best way to understand the different features is to attend a live demonstration day such as ‘Let’s Do Lunch’, as described above.


Miele PureLine Ovens

The PureLine range of ovens have been redesigned for 2015 with a pared-back, sleek design that comes in four different colourways as an option on certain models. PureLine Obsidian Black shown above, CleanSteel shown below, and Havana Brown and Classic White shown further down the page.

There are a wide range of cavity sizes and dimensions, starting with the stylish wide-screen H6890BP pictured in the dark grey kitchen above. This oven has a capacity of 90l and fits in an 860mm wide niche, making it a high capacity oven with very wide shelves. If you are undecided between one or two ovens, this model might be the answer. The slightly lower specification of the H6290B model is no less impressive as its dimensions are identical, it simply does not include the Moisture Plus feature for added humidity/steam in the oven cavity.


The next size down is the new H6000 series of single ovens, all of which enjoy an oven capacity of 76l, and are typically referred to as 60 x 60 ovens. That is to say they fit a standard 600mm oven housing as shown above. The H6260B and H6260BP are only available in the CleanSteel finish. They are very similar models with some differences in the cleaning programmes, and they do include the ‘Moisture Plus’ feature described above. The H6460BP and H6461BP models come in the four Miele colourways, add the ‘Auto Programmes’ for a range of pre-set oven settings, and a few additional features to improve performance such as ‘Time Controlled Steam Injection’.  The H6660BP offers all the features of the previous models but only in the CleanSteel finish, and includes a cabled Food Probe for precise temperature controlled cooking. The H6860BP can be ordered in any of the colourways and includes a wireless Food Probe for even more convenience.


The range continues with a selection of compact ovens. With a capacity of 49l these ovens are shorter and designed to be used in-line with other compact appliances such as the integrated coffee machines shown above. The compact oven range starts with the H6200 models available in CleanSteel only, with the ‘Moisture Plus’ feature. The H6800BP is also only available in CleanSteel, and it includes ‘Moisture Plus’ and the ‘Auto Programmes’ including Sabbath Mode.

Again in the compact category, but not to be confused with a microwave and grill, the Miele PureLine microwave combination ovens are fully-fledged ovens and also powerful microwaves. These appliances provide extra cooking capacity and the ability to reheat food quickly, all in a small footprint. By combining cooking modes these small appliances can reduce cooking times and some models come with a food probe for temperature controlled cooking. There is a ‘Popcorn Button’ on all models – a feature exclusive to Miele – and some models have pre-set programmes for different recipes.  Miele combi-ovens start with the H6200BM  model which has the basic functions of an oven, grill and microwave, available only in the popular CleanSteel finish. The H64000BM model comes in all colours and includes finer grill controls and a choice of ‘Auto Programmes’. The H6600BM adds Sabbath Mode and more oven modes, plus a cabled Food Probe and is available in CleanSteel only. The H6800BM model comes in all colours and includes a cabled Food Probe.


We hope you have enjoyed this round-up of the Miele Ovens launched for 2015, and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have. For more information, you can also visit the Ovens section of the Miele web site.

Please note that Design Matters only supplies appliances as part of a complete kitchen order.

Watch this space for our next blog article on Steam Ovens by Miele.