New Steam Ovens by Miele

Built-in steam ovens, perfect for healthy cooking and reheating

While preparing to write this post we spent some time exploring both the latest Miele brochure and also its comprehensive web site, stumbling into its ‘Professional’ pages. If ever proof were needed that a manufacturer is driven by excellence, a quick tour of Miele’s professional product portfolio is all that’s required. For many years, Design Matters’ customers have been choosing Miele for its outstanding build quality and innovative product development. Tried and trusted models are continually perfected, and few manufacturers can boast that their appliances are designed and tested for a 20 year life span. For more on Miele ovens in general, see our last post on this subject, for steam ovens in particular, please read on.

Why Steam?

Because of its involvement in the commercial arena where sous-vide and steam technology are used by professional chefs, Miele was an early adopter of steam technology for the domestic sector. Cooking at a range of 40-100 degrees C, the benefits of gentle cooking with steam are many and our clients often choose a steam oven instead of a microwave for healthy, succulent, reheating and cooking.

Miele steam appliances run from a cassette of water that locates either at the top or side of the oven cavity. The steam is generated outside the oven cavity which gives more control over steam release and temperature. This also means there is no limescale build-up within the oven cavity, since limescale formation takes place at the point of steam generation. Miele states that this is a unique feature of their steam oven designs. Steam takes around the same time to cook as boiling, so switching to steam cooking does not mean you have to change your cooking style, however steam ovens heat up very quickly, so cooking can start right away. Steam ovens excel at cooking a wide range of foods, and can also be used for making soft-boiled eggs, blanching, sterlising bottles, making yoghurt, gently defrosting food, proving dough, bottling preserves and keeping food warm without drying out.

Because steam ovens do not need to accommodate a large heating element or fan in the back of the cabinet, the entire depth of the appliance can be utilised. It’s best to see a steam oven for yourself to appreciate the large capacity of each cooking tray. Steam ovens come with a range of pre-set cooking options and are much easier to clean than an oven or microwave – a quick wipe while the oven is still damp is all that’s required.


Miele PureLine Steam Ovens

All Miele steam ovens are 60cm wide, but they vary in height so they can be stacked vertically above standard ovens, or horizontally with other compact appliances. Smaller steam cabinets are fitted with MonoSteam – one inlet port for steam -and larger cabinets are fitted with MultiSteam – 8 steam inlet ports.

Miele steam ovens start with the DG6030 which is the smallest, 24l model providing all the basic features, without any automatic programming and available only in the CleanSteel finish. Moving up to 36l capacity, the DG6200 and DG6400 models add features such as ‘Auto Programming’, plus automatic defrosting/reheating and minute minder on the DG6400. The DG6401 is the first model that comes in all four Miele colours for 2015: CleanSteel, Obsidian, Classic White and Havana Brown and an enhanced display panel. The DG6600 comes in CleanSteel only, and has a SensorTronic display for more automatic programming.


Miele PureLine Steam Combination Ovens

Steam combi-ovens bring together the benefits of a steam oven and a fan oven in one appliance, and are available in 32l, 48l and 68l sizes providing perfect roasting and baking results by combining both dry and moist heat. Some models are equipped with a Wireless Food Probe which monitors the ideal temperature of a joint of meat for precise controlled cooking, while a countdown indicator notifies you when food is ready.

Miele steam combi-ovens start with the compact 32l DGC6400, which is a combined steam and fan oven with special cooking programmes, but no grill function. The DGC6400 is available in all four Miele colours. The DGC6600XL model comes in CleanSteel only, and increases capacity to 48l with automatic cooking programmes, full grill function and a cabled food probe. The DGC6800XL comes with a wireless food probe and can be ordered in all the Miele colours. The DGC6805XL comes in all the Miele colourways and is the only model that connects directly to the mains water supply. The DGC6660XL is the largest Miele steam-combi oven with a 68l capacity, cabled food probe and a choice of any of the Miele colours.


For more information visit the Miele web site, call to speak to one of our expert designers, or view the Mieleonline videos on YouTube. Next time we will be writing about Miele Warming Drawers, and why they are so popular and versatile!

Please note that at Design Matters we only supply appliances as part of a complete kitchen order.