Protect Your Kitchen Like A Professional

We love sharing our know-how so that our customers can get the most out of the beautiful products they have chosen. And we pride ourselves on a first-class aftersales service so that our clients will be happy to recommend us to their friends. Here are some top tips from our design experts:

Protect Your New Kitchen #1 – Vuplex

Some of the delicate lacquer and acrylic finishes that are used to create high gloss kitchen doors and panels can be fragile when first unwrapped from their protective coverings. Those in the know use Vuplex, a clever cleaner and anti-static treatment for all plastic and acrylic surfaces. Vuplex is even useful for hard non-porous finishes such as quartz and granite worktops and has many uses around the home. Watch this quick video for more:

Vuplex is food-safe and kind to surfaces that might otherwise break down and become damaged when harsh cleaners and solvents are used. This product also restores and repairs fine scratches in old acrylic and plastic materials, and even makes surfaces more resistant to scratching in future:

Vuplex is widely available on the internet and lasts for ages. Wipe on and buff off with an e-cloth suitable for glass to maintain your high gloss finishes for years to come.

Protect Your New Kitchen #2 – Kitchen Wrap

One of the most risky times for damage, is when a new kitchen has been fitted. Just as protective packaging and cling-plastic is removed, tradesmen finishing off work in other parts of the house might be tempted to put down their tools for a moment, or squeeze past a high gloss door that has just been unwrapped. The result is scratches and abrasions to the new surfaces that simply cannot be fixed without replacement. Another area of risk is paint flecks – almost invisible when the decorators are working, and difficult to remove later once they have bonded to an acrylic or lacquer surface, without causing small scratches.

Our expert installation teams have many years of experience in working with delicate materials, and leaving kitchens in perfect condition. However not everyone on site has the same mindset.

To ensure these accidents never happen to you, consider taking advantage of our unique kitchen-wrapping service. Once the kitchen has been fitted, we can wrap the kitchen in bubble wrap so that it cannot be damaged. The wrapping can remain in place until all the work has been finished, and the house is ready to be occupied. Guaranteeing a perfect result every time!

Wrapping a kitchen is just another example of the way Design Matters is thinking outside the box and going the extra mile for its customers. Is your kitchen supplier giving you detailed care instructions, and first class aftersales service? If not, give our one-stop kitchen service a try and call Richard Smithies in the Design Matters office for a chat.