Adam Speaks to the Case Management Experts at Jacqueline Webb

Adam was delighted to be asked to speak to the Case Management Experts at a Jacqueline Webb conference in Southampton on 16 March, alongside a number of other guest speakers including Kate Sheehan of The OT Service.

The Experts heard talks on a range of subjects including property search, bathroom adaptations, hoists, lifts and even therapeutic garden spaces. As they came from all over the UK, it was also a good opportunity for delegates to network and exchange ideas.

In his talk Adam spoke at length about the problems he has seen with some kitchen adaptations, and the fact that there is no formal training in the field of accessible kitchen design. How can we judge expertise with no measure of qualifications? He also compared the offerings of some accessible kitchen providers and highlighted the vital safety features that should be present to provide added safety and prevent injury around cooking tasks. Do we disable clients for a second time when we provide them with a kitchen that is not fit for purpose? He took delegates through some sample costings and challenged the perception that the current Costs provision was adequate. Hopefully his comments will have provoked discussion among delegates about the way forward, and the justification for a more rigorous approach in specifying the individual components required by clients after catastrophic injury.




A highlight of the day was Kate Sheehan’s talk, which covered some work she has been doing for J Webb, bringing the Experts up to date with some recent recommendations and updates. She asked some searching questions about ‘Homes’ and what they mean to us:

“An accessible home enables clients to look beyond those activities that need to be done, to those that can inspire and engage them to live life to the full.”


She also talked about the home environment being much more than a functional space, and urged delegates to ask whether the environment enables or disables a client, and their chosen life goals. Finishing by summarising a range of reference documents that the Experts can use to guide their recommendations, there was plenty to think about.

We were very happy to meet the Experts, and wish the Jacqueline Webb team continued success as they work to deepen their understanding and expertise.

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