Innovation in our latest Acrylic Cream Kitchen

Acrylic_cream_accessible_kitchenwith_rise_and_fall_worktop_by_Adam_ThomasThis new kitchen in Berkshire was one of Adam’s most challenging design projects to date; a kitchen for two wheelchair users with very different requirements and keen on baking and cooking too!

With limited reach, our clients wanted to have full access where possible and also keep important mixers and food processors within reach and close to the oven. To overcome this design brief, Adam came up with a novel way to bring the sockets forward, and created a recess behind the oven on a long rise and fall worktop, so that the mixers could be used at a comfortable height.


The kitchen has a range of storage features including a rise and fall wall unit, and ovens at different heights to suit each user, making the entire space work for both occupants of the house. Our clients have completed the room with a fun tiled splashback and accessories which will only make it a more pleasant place to spend time.

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