Wall Storage Systems by Quality German Manufacturer, Rational


The line between kitchen and the adjacent living area is becoming blurred, as we move towards ‘open plan’ architecture and away from the small, individual rooms traditional in British homes. However if you look around for good quality wall-hung furniture, you’ll have trouble finding anything on the high street in Britain. That’s because wall-hung furniture has to be specially constructed, so that it’s strong enough, and looks really good when installed.

Wall-hung furniture is fixed to the wall using brackets built in to the back of the furniture. The carcase is also designed differently from a floor-standing unit, so that the base doesn’t fall off once it’s full of the items you want to store! The Rational Solo range shown above has some beautiful floating under-lit shelves, and also a neat compact office area where you can check email on your laptop, or keep an eye on children surfing the web.



A lot of our kitchen projects now include an additional storage area in an adjacent dining area, or living room so that clutter can be put away, or to create a custom-built spot for the TV and stereo. Using furniture that coordinates with the kitchen cabinets means the wider space looks seamless, and therefore more spacious.

The benefits of wall-hung furniture are many:

  • Extra storage space for books, paperwork, DVDs and CDs
  • Makes a small space feel larger, as the floor beneath the units is still visible
  • Can be mounted above other items of furniture, making better use of available space
  • Brings storage to an accessible height, so you don’t have to  reach down to floor level
  • Seamless, and therefore more spacious look


If you have ever longed for fitted shelving around your sofa, as seen in so many home magazines, you will be very hard pressed to find a supplier. Our friends at award-winning manufacturer Rational in Germany make world class kitchens, and their design experts are continually working to come up with new ideas for dining areas, living rooms and also compact apartments. To chat through your kitchen and furniture requirements contact Richard Smithies in the Design Matters office, and do scroll down for our free Kitchen Guide (below).

NB: Additional furniture supplied as part of a complete kitchen order



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