New Luxury Veneer Selection

The latest crop of luxury veneers has just arrived, and we’ve done our very best to capture their beauty. With their ultra-high-gloss finish it’s difficult to get a clean picture without too many reflections, so we’re delighted with these shots.

Here are some of the styles and patterns currently available in our sample box – click once on any of the photos for a better view.


Veneers are updated continuously, so we cannot guarantee availability of any one design until an order has been placed and product has been allocated for manufacture.  These are some of the very latest designs that came in this month:





Veneered panels can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation for different effects, or as feature panels to back an island or frame a feature media unit.

We have long been specialists in luxury veneers, and work closely with professional fabricators to produce exclusive one-off kitchens like the one shown below. This particular project for Octagon Developments was manufactured to our own specifications, making it unique. The veneer used here was in fact a mid-grey tone, however its ultra high gloss lacquered finish appears to change colour according to the light and looks slightly darker here.


These high quality finishes really deliver the wow factor, and deliver a clarity and quality that has to be seen to be appreciated. If you would like to view our current samples and discuss a unique kitchen in a luxury veneer, contact Neil Cadwallader-Kemp or Richard Smithies at the Design Matters office, and make your kitchen a guaranteed one-off.