New Bespoke Range of Finishes from Design Matters

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Alta Opaco Magma, Lucido Metallic Anthracite and Deda Lucido Ebony

Design Matters has long enjoyed a reputation for bespoke kitchens in timber veneers. Bespoke, because every kitchen is one-of-a-kind and should be designed to use every bit of available space in your kitchen. Veneers, because they are often made in small batches and they therefore make each kitchen as unique as your fingerprint.

This month we’ve been introduced to a manufacturer with a range of special finishes; from metallic lacquers through concrete and porcelain to timber veneers, opening up a range of new design possibilities.

The timber veneers come in both matt and high gloss finishes as shown in the detail shot below and the main image above. The range covers a wide range of tones and really needs to be seen to appreciate the depth of colour and high gloss shine.



The metallic doors have three to four coats of polyurethane containing actual metal particles, applied by hand. This is followed by two coats of sealing lacquer on all sides, creating a more durable door than might be expected for the glamorous effect. The range includes a range of metallic colour tones which can be coordinated with plain gloss colours, or combined with one another for a luxe finish.

Metallico Roomset - Copper - Dk Steel M6 - LR



The concrete range of doors is faced with two coats of concrete creating a layer around 1.5mm thick on the face and edges. The back is a matching matt lacquer. For a pared-back hyper contemporary look this door style is absolutely perfect, and surprisingly soft in appearance because of the slightly textured surface which gives the appearance of a finely grained hand-applied surface.

Beton Ultra Light & Medium Grey




Pietra Stone - Sand & Grey - LR

The porcelain doors are a very exciting product in this range, cool and slightly textured to the touch the wear layer is impressive. Popular with some of the finest German manufacturers, porcelain is finally becoming more readily available for bespoke solutions.  Maintenance and cleaning will be very forgiving and the cool uncluttered look of the kitchen below gives an idea of the design potential for this beautiful material.

Helix Terra


The range includes a variety of timber finishes, some of them grainy and others smooth. A wide choice of wood stains are available allowing coordination with the coloured lacquers as seen in the image below, or the concrete ranges as seen above. We have shown a selection of the timber samples below, but the full range has a much wider variety of colours and finishes.

Alta Opaco Clay, Opaco Blue and Deda Dark Smoked Oak Real Sawn



Last but not least, the range includes a fabulous choice of colours in both matt and gloss lacquered finishes. We haven’t yet managed to convince a client to choose a shocking pink kitchen, but we are ready for the challenge! Navy blue has been a popular ‘fresh neutral’ in the past year, and is also forecast to be a hot trend for 2018. For the more cautious, the choice of soft, contemporary neutrals (below) is impressive and provides an enormous choice of design possibilities. A palette of two or three complementary colours is a very stylish choice; they look particularly good teamed with the metallics at the top of the page.

For more details or to book an appointment to view the full selection, contact us at the Design Matters office on 01628 531584, or by email using this link. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for our free Trends Guide.