Miele Freestanding Bean-to-cup Coffee Makers

Our good friends at Miele – Which Home Appliance Brand of the Year for the last three years – have long cornered the market in exceptional coffee machines. We specify built-in Miele coffee machines in our prestigious kitchens for private developers, as they provide the wow factor for the most discerning of clients, and probably the best coffee available at home.

The Miele CM7 range of bean-to-cup coffee machines, now brings this extraordinary taste experience to you at home in a freestanding appliance that will make a range of teas and coffees to your precise requirements.

Available in black or white, the CM7 produces a perfect crema layer every time, and the machine heats the water to the perfect temperature required to ensure that coffee is delivered without any bitterness. It even warms coffee cups on a specially designed plate on top of the machine. In fact, having a Miele coffee machine at home means that ‘staying home for coffee’ becomes a much, much more rewarding experience than running the gauntlet of your local coffee shop.

The designers at Miele have though of every design detail, including easy cleaning and descaling, and even a way of using ground coffee in a separate tray at the rear of the machine if you want to enjoy a particular hot drink. The coffee beans are always ground smoothly and finely, and it is possible to programme the machine to store the pre-set ‘preferred brew’ of each family member by name. Chrome trays are dishwasher safe, and an automatic sensor judges the rim of the cup and adjusts to ensure that the coffee makes its way accurately into each (warm) coffee cup.

This is a beautiful luxury product, worth raising to the attention of coffee lovers everywhere. For more details from the Miele web site, click on the image below. To order this little piece of perfection, contact us at the Design Matters showroom.


“Coffee is always a good idea …”