New Accessible CETEC Facility at Barnet & Southgate College, Enfield

Another state-of-the-art Design Matters kitchen by Adam Thomas has been installed at Barnet & Southgate College as part of a purpose-built CETEC facility, run by Director and lead academic Firhas Sarhan.

Adam Thomas joined a large gathering at the formal opening in October, and demonstrated the kitchen and its features to the assembled group. Alev Cazimoglu and Doug Wilson from Enfield Council spoke at the event, and attendees were able to view a stunning fully accessible wet room by MotionSpot as well as the Design Matters fully accessible kitchen.

Both rooms are still receiving the final finishing touches, and the facility is due to open later this year. Showcasing the latest technology for assisted living that can help change living and workplace environments to increase independence, the CETEC centre is a centre of excellence for residents and healthcare professionals in Enfield, and the surrounding areas.

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