Top Silestone Colours for 2017

Quartz is now our best-selling worktop, unbeaten for stain-resistance and consistency of colour and finish.

Cosentino, the manufacturers behind Silestone® have increased the pressure on their competitors by introducing a new component called N-Boost, which modifies the worktop material at molecular level, making it even more stain and liquid resistant than before. N-Boost is not an added layer, like a sealant or wax, and can therefore never be inadvertently stripped away.

Made from over 90% natural quartz crystals, Silestone® by Cosentino surfaces have a high resistance to stains as well as to scratches and impact. Silestone® benefits from a shade and consistency that is not found in natural stone. Many natural stones such as marble and limestone warp when exposed to heat, even natural sunlight, and are naturally absorbent materials. They can be sealed, but re-sealing is necessary at regular intervals and many normal kitchen ingredients like red wine and olive oil can stain the underlying material.

For this reason, quartz stone is the ideal surface for use in a wide variety of interior applications, including worksurfaces, flooring, splashbacks, wall cladding, shower trays, washbasins and custom made bathroom components. Available in standard slab sizes and thicknesses of 1.2, 2 and 3cm. Most of the newer colours are available in ‘super-size’ slabs, which means they are perfect for large islands and peninsulas where an uninterrupted finish is important. Select a ‘suede’ finish for low maintenance, or ‘polished’ for extra shine and reflected light.

Eternal Charcoal Soapstone finish is finely veined for a restrained, glamourous look. Evoking the beauty of natural soapstone, but of course much more durable, this finish is available in the larger slab size, and contains the N-Boost properties, ensuring even better stain resistance.

Eternal Calcatta Gold imitates one of the most famous Italian marble stones, but with greater stability and regularity of grain. The background is a clear, soft white, with broad veins of pale grey and subtle gold glints so that this material is never cold. Available in the larger 3250 x 1590mm slab size, and in either suede or polished finish, this is a classic finish that will suit both modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

Eternal Marquina by Silestone is an intense and dramatic worktop material, perfect for strong contrast and bolder designs, or as an accent material in an otherwise muted scheme. Influenced by Spanish Negro Marquina stone, which has been a favourite among interior designers for many years, Silestone now ensures that the finest finishes are available in larger formats and consistent colourways for all to enjoy. Available in subtle suede, or polished finish.

Eternal Serena is a warm light grey stone with fine white veins, for discreet and elegant decor. Inspired by the Pietre Serena limestone from Italy, this worktop material improves on the original with consistent veining and colour intensity, stain-resistance and a significantly increased lifespan due to the inherent stability of the product. Available in suede or polished finish.

Eternal Statuario is marble with a light touch, and very fine veining. Echoing Italian Statuario marble, this material requires much less maintenance than the original, offers increased stain resistance, and availability in larger slab sizes and either polished or suede finishes.

Pure Eternal White Storm is clean, contemporary and incredibly light and reflective. We have already designed a number of kitchens in this colour and expect it to be hugely popular. Superb for clean, contemporary projects, this colour comes in the larger slab size, and in suede or polished finishes.

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