What’s In A Pan? Free Induction Pan Offer from Neff

We examine the difference  between an induction compatible pan, and saucepans made specifically for induction hobs.

One of our favourite pan offers is back for the spring. From January to March 2018 you can claim a free set of induction-ready saucepans from Neff from Design Matters, your Buckinghamshire kitchen experts, as part of a complete kitchen order.

You may be looking into the idea of switching to an induction hob, as most of our customers do these days, and you may have seen a demo in the kitchen showroom that shows how fast and flexible induction cooking can be. Induction hobs work by creating a magnetic field under the glass plate, which agitates the molecules in the base of the saucepan, producing heat. In order to work, the pan base must contain some iron. We tell our customers to check whether their existing saucepans contain iron, by using a magnet and seeing whether it sticks to the base of the pan. If it does, the pan is probably suitable for use on an induction hob. However, some pans may contain a little iron, but not very much. This will affect the speed at which you can bring the contents of the pan to the boil.

The beautifully made Schulte Ufer pan set offered by Neff in their pan giveway offer, is perfectly suited to induction cooking. In fact, in our tests, these pans bring water to the boil twice as quickly as other pans that are induction compatible, demonstrating that a quality pan designed specifically for induction is always going to perform better. In mirror-finish stainless steel, and with a heavy sandwich base, the set includes a stock pot, two smaller pans, and a very durable frying pan. The two larger pots nest one inside the other for storage. The non-stick coating inside the frying pan has performed extremely well in our tests, and the pans clean up like new after use. They are a superb accessory for every kitchen, and indispensable for keen cooks. Until the end of March 2018 they are completely free with every qualifying order including a Neff:

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We only supply appliances as part of an entire kitchen order. To find out more about this offer, and speak to us about your next project, contact us by email or call us on 01628 531584.

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