Keeping in Touch

Like many small businesses, we’re tidying up our records and files to bring our data procedures in line with the new Data Protection Regulations. We have always taken your data seriously and held it securely, however the bar is being raised by the new Regulations, so we’re carrying out an extensive data cleansing operation to ensure that we are only holding relevant information for which we have either a legitimate interest or your clear consent. This means we’ll only hold your contact details if you have been a customer or if you’ve asked us to keep in touch by subscribing to one of our information channels, such as our newsletters.

If you are a Design Matters customer we will retain our drawings and details of your kitchen project for up to seven years, so that we can provide spares and repairs if you or a future purchaser of your property need them. We retain payment records for the statutory retention period of six years. After this time, details of your project/payments will be disposed of via a secure waste disposal company.

Over the course of 2018 we will be digitising as many of our records as possible so they can be stored and backed up securely. The originals will be securely shredded by a secure waste disposal company.

In future, we will be unable to make contact with you without your express consent, so here are a few ways to stay in touch:

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We look forward to sharing our news with you. In the meantime, if you have an upcoming kitchen project, get in touch with us by email or call us for an appointment on 01628 531584.