Durable by Design – Customer Feedback

Shining the spotlight on maintenance in the accessible kitchen

We received some lovely unsolicited feedback from a client on our Facebook page recently:

“Great accessible kitchen, not only in design and quality but also fantastic after sales service. Mine is now almost 10 yrs old and still looking & working brilliantly.”

We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from a former client, and happily this is typical of the hundreds of clients we have worked with over the years.

When our designer, Adam Thomas, is working on a new design, he selects durable, high quality materials, and has a series of detailed meetings with each client to ensure that the new kitchen is closely tailored to their requirements. If any other members of the household might use the kitchen, their needs must also be taken into account. In addition to making the kitchen fully accessible, he considers cleaning and maintenance as part of the design process (as required by the Construction Design and Management Regs 2015), as well as the assistive technology each client uses around the home.

Many of our clients are wheelchair users and, if cabinet doors and panels are not made of robust materials, surfaces will quickly become scratched and damaged and therefore vulnerable to water damage. To protect our clients from hot spills, we routinely add a raised edge along all four sides of our worktops. This design feature also prolongs the life of the kitchen furniture and means water and other liquids are contained on the worktop instead of falling to the floor. Cleaning floors is very difficult for most wheelchair users, and impossible for many. Wheeling through spilt liquids transfers them to wheels and hands, making a mess across the home and leading to unsafe conditions in the kitchen.

As kitchen experts, we take these design details seriously throughout the design process, and the end result is a beautiful kitchen with a host of hidden safety features that also keep our clients’ kitchens in good condition for longer. We have spent decades trouble-shooting products and improving our methods so that today’s customers can benefit from our expertise.

For an exceptional accessible kitchen, tailored to your precise requirements, come to Design Matters. The finest accessible kitchens in Europe, an award-winning designer and a unique range of furniture that can be completely customised around you and your family.

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