Ballerina Kuchen Gets Connected

The trend for home automation develops

Ballerina Kitchens of Germany – one of the country’s foremost and award-winning manufacturers – is expanding into the ‘connected’ kitchen of the future.

Partnering with technologies such as Alexa and the Sony Beam, your kitchen can now respond to your requirements, and work for you, in ways that were previously only concept ideas.

For a brief flavour of the possibilities, view the video below (available in German only at present) to see a kitchen respond to a command for lighting via Alexa, and open a cupboard by voice command. A recipe video is projected onto the worktop by a Sony Beam device, and additional push to open devices are incorporated for hands-free access.

We expect to see huge leaps in kitchen automation in the coming months. So watch this space for more information. In the meantime, to discuss your upcoming Kitchen project, contact us by email for a brochure, or call Richard Smithies on 01628 531584 for a free design consultation.

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