Quooker Goes Back To Black

We are long time fans of the Quooker hot water tap, mainly because it delivers proper boiling water (and therefore makes a great cup of tea), it’s great looking and it has some important safety features that we recommend to all our customers.

Now, Quooker has launched a whole new look with its range of matt black boiling water taps, available with a complete kitchen order from Design Matters of High Wycombe.

Boiling water taps maintain a constant temperature in the mini boiler (usually located under your sink) using a trickle of energy throughout the day. For a busy household this can be more economic than boiling a kettle frequently. The boiling water can also be used to sterilise baby equipment, blanch vegetables and fill saucepans. Added to the fact that it means your entire household no longer needs to buy bottled water for days out, this makes it a more economical and eco-friendly choice than you might expect.

We employ a specialist installation expert to commission your new Quooker tap, so that everything is set up properly. We can also add a best-in-class water filter to your installation to ensure that your water is pure and tastes great.

For more information, and to discuss your upcoming kitchen project, call Richard Smithies on 01628 531584, or send us an email, and we’ll call you back.