New Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Review!

We’ve just received an email from happy customers, enjoying the space and layout of their brand new accessible kitchen.

“A big thank you from N. and me to you and your team. We are delighted with our new kitchen and greatly appreciate all the thought and care that has gone into it. N. really likes the increased circulation space and looks forward to using the work top and microwave. “

Design Matters of High Wycombe is the original bespoke accessible kitchen company, teaming state of the art design with the latest materials and an award winning designer, Adam Thomas.

A bespoke kitchen means every cabinet has been individually manufactured to the dimensions specified by your designer, making the best use of the available space and placing appliances at the precise height required by our clients.

Careful height positioning means our customers are better protected from hot spills, and can safely look into hot pans and dishes to check and stir food.

Our bespoke worktops are completely waterproof, and over-sized. This allows us to create a void to safely conceal plumbing and electrics, and fully cover the lap of any wheelchair user accessing the sink and hob. This protects our client’s lap from hot spills and splashes, making time in the kitchen a safe, enjoyable pastime.

Regaining confidence in a safe, accessible kitchen can be an important contributor to continuing rehabilitation. Providing purposeful occupation, an opportunity to prepare food and hot drinks for family and friends, and development of fine motor skills.

Are you considering a bespoke accessible kitchen? If so, contact Richard Smithies today to discuss your requirements. And download our free buyers guide to find out more about our specialist design, supply and installation service.