Flexible Kitchens For Taller or Shorter People

Is your kitchen difficult to use at a standard height? Shorter and taller people in your household? We can help you create a custom-designed space where you can comfortably cook and entertain.

Introducing Kitchens For Shorter and Taller People

Did you know that German kitchens are designed to be 5 cm higher overall than British kitchens? Or that French kitchens are designed to be 5cm lower overall than British kitchens? For households where there are shorter and taller people, it can be difficult to find the right kitchen. And working for long periods at the wrong height can leave anyone with aches and pains.

At Design Matters we have the solution. Our kitchens can be designed to any dimension, and our appliances and worktops can be set at any height. We can design a kitchen at a fixed height to suit one person living alone, or at two fixed heights to suit members of the family that are taller or shorter than average. And for total future-proofing we can include rise and fall worktops that adjust at the touch of a button, and remote control devices that make everyday life so much easier.

Closeup of extractor hood in brushed steel. The extractor is operated by remote control which can be attached to the hood, or another metal appliance by a magnetic pad on the back.

We have over 20 years of experience in designing kitchens for clients who need a custom solution to this common problem. Our chief designer has over 30 years’ personal experience of disability and has designed a range of kitchens for households with a wide variation of heights. He also know how to come up with solutions for issues such as restricted reach, and extractor hoods that are set awkwardly low for taller people. We offer our special accessible kitchens alongside standard kitchens so you have the choice of standard and specialised products, blended to work perfectly for you. Whether you are affected by achondroplasia, thalidomide, or are simply 7 foot tall, our experienced designers will help you select the elements you need to create your ideal kitchen.


We are based in a prestigious showroom in South Buckinghamshire and supply kitchens to private clients and developers across the Home Counties. We also have distributors on the South Coast of England in Eastbourne and in Central Scotland. Like many kitchen studios, we offer a state of the art CAD service to bring each kitchen to life. In addition we can offer special VAT terms for qualifying disabled people. We have a dedicated Project Manager to ensure that your project runs smoothly, and all your payments to us are insured by the KBSA, our industry association, for your peace of mind. Most importantly, our kitchens are well made and visually stunning and will give you many years of pleasure. See our portfolio pages for pictures of our recent work, or go to our blog site to read about our other services.

You can contact us by email, call us on 01628 531584 or visit our downloads page for a free Accessible Kitchens Guide. This is what our customers say about us:

‘To say I was delighted is an understatement.
Needless to say I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Design Matters whenever I can.’

‘I cannot speak highly enough of your company. The attention to detail in every aspect was exceptional.”