Kitchens For People With Visual Impairment

We believe everyone should have their own space to make a hot drink or a simple meal. If you are blind or have a visual impairment, we create a safe kitchen for you.

Introducing Kitchens With Visual Cues And Special Safety Features

  • Doors and worktops with colour-contrast edging for people with reduced vision.
  • Worktops with built-up edges to retain liquid spills and clearly indicate the worktop edge.
  • Worktops and tables on hydraulic mechanisms that can be adjusted to a safe working height.
  • High-tech instant hot water taps with a dedicated drip tray for safer handling of hot water.
  • Smaller cupboard doors to reduce the risk of bumps.
  • Pull-out units below worktop height to reduce the risk of trips.
  • Non-slip flooring solutions.
  • High quality task lighting.


Our small design team has over 20 years of unrivalled experience with an award winning designer, Adam Thomas. We have designed kitchens for a wide range of impairments, and offer one of the most comprehensive design services in the UK for clients who are blind or living with a visual impairment. We provide a written guarantee, consumer insurance and special VAT terms for disable people. Our installation teams are DBS checked, and our work is regularly vetted by our trade association the KBSA and Trustmark. If you would like to see our customer feedback forms, please ask for them in our showroom.

Based in South Buckinghamshire, we supply kitchens across the UK. Check out our portfolio pages for images with full written descriptions of recent projects, visit our home page to read about our service in full, or go to our blog site for news and special offers.

We would be delighted to chat to you about your new kitchen without obligation, so contact us by email at the Design Matters office, or call us on 01628 531584 to discuss your requirements. Here’s what our customers are saying:

‘Very pleased with the finished product. Excellent service from start to finish.’

‘It really has been a pleasure working with the entire team, from planning through to installation.’